Articles worth reading – week of Jan. 17 – Trump almost pulled it off.

It wasn’t just whipping up public opinion and ridiculous legal challenges. It wasn’t just revving up the insurrectionists at the rally on Jan. 6. Trump really did try to become a true kleptocrat, ending our democracy as we know it.
Something we’re just learning more about now– Trump was not just trying to “burrow” in employees like Michael Ellis in the NSA but he was also mucking about in all kinds of agencies, including a scheme to try to push out his acting Attorney General (who’d been on the job all of about 4 days) so that he could install a guy willing to use the DOJ to try to force Georgia to overturn its election. This is more and more clearly multiple attempts at a coup. When many thought things were settling down and he’d given up– he was actually fucking with some of our top agencies, including the CIA, to try anything he could to subvert democracy. For this reason alone, the Senate must ban him from public office as a result of the impeachment trial. However, it also looks like the 14th Amendment may also be an option for barring from office (for inciting insurrection).

Oh yeah– also, the Trump campaign gave a bunch of money to the “protest” that launched the storming of the Capital. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Considering starting up a site again….

If it looks like there’s nothing really here, it’s because I’m not sure I want to set up a site again or not. Here’s what I do know:

  1. I find myself writing stuff from time to time that really isn’t best suited as a Facebook comment and I wish there were a way that we could have a better discussion about it.
  2. I also find that I gather stuff that I’d like to share with people because they ask me about them.
  3. I like playing with WordPress and other software just because it’s fun for me to do so.

That seems enough of a reason that I may develop this into a bit of an ongoing journal, a place to share cool stuffs (everything from articles to recipes), as well as a landing spot for anything that I would like to have a bit more life and/or discoverability than a tweet or Facebook news feed post.

So if this doesn’t make sense when you come here. That’s why. It’s either under construction or just an experiment. We’ll see if I end up actually doing anything with it.

Either way, I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂