Thoughts on the unconference…

Yesterday was Library Camp of the West. As I’d mentioned before, it’s too bad I didn’t see more of my work colleagues there, but it was a great event nonetheless. The highlights for me were:

1. The fact that there was so much young, fresh energy. Our ideas and enthusiasms were able to be shared in a place where it’s not just one or two of us chatting in a hallway… but many, many of us from all types of different institutions, sharing our hopes and dreams and best practices.

2. The fact that even though many of the old guard were more than a little cautious about what the heck an “unconference” was– and that they were suddenly somewhere in the minority– many of Colorado’s long-time library leaders showed up as well. I give them kudos for putting up with our immaturity at times, but most importantly, for coming and listening and truly being open to giving a chance to the future of the profession. Any young cynics who think that all the old guard aren’t willing to learn from the up and comers would have been proven very much wrong.

I’ve been at the Emporia Diversity Leadership Institute all day, so after LCOW yesterday and EDI today, I’m a little too burnt to say much more at this point. I’ll try to write about the EDI sessions tomorrow.