Off to Internet Librarian

Well, my latest investment in my MLS education is a trip to Internet Librarian this year. I was able to go because I took 5 instead of 7 credit hours this semester (our project management class is only 1 credit sadly enough) and I got some support from my workplace as well. I have to say, the academic world really does place a value on professional development and for that I am extremely grateful.

I’m disappointed that I won’t get a chance to hang out with Max Macias a bit more– but he’s busy with a much more important project right now. (I’m leaving my skateboard at home now, buddy). But I’m excited to spend some more time with my online friends in person and connect with more LSW members I haven’t yet met.

One of the things I’m doing for myself is a long, leisurely two-day trip down to Monterrey from San Jose. I am planning on going through Big Basin Redwood State Park and hiking and just sleeping amongst the trees. I haven’t done anything like that in a very long time and I could use a little time breathing in some pure air.

Posted by (Thanks!)

Posted by (Thanks!)

I may go down and check out Santa Cruz, which is a town I’ve never visited, but everyone tells me I’d love. I might visit my yoga lineage’s ashram, Mount Madonna. I really don’t have a plan– just get off the plane at 11am on Saturday in San Jose and arrive sometime late afternoon Sunday in Monterrey to check into my hotel.

I *love* not having a plan. Open to anything.

It is that spirit that I plan to take to Internet Librarian. I’m about to graduate in May and I get to move forward in my career as an information professional. I know I love libraries, I like Web 2.0 (but not just for its own sake), but what will come next? What will be the right fit?

I plan to spend plenty of time talking to people at IL about what their job entails, what their projects are, and try and discover what I can add to all this. At my current position, I’m mostly playing catch-up, “hey other libraries are doing this– let’s finally do this, too”.

But I don’t want to follow forever, I want to have something to contribute. I want to give and not just take.

I think a period of soul searching, a strenuous hike or walk on the beach. A step back from working all day and reading LIS all night might help clear my head enough to be back to “Zen Mind”.

Then it’s back to video games and gadgets!

However, it’s definitely not all about socialization and fun. I feel like I’ll learn more in this weekend than in most semesters of library school. (Although as an alumni, I plan to help change that).

My schedule, as always, is quite likely to change, but here is my tentative plan:

Sunday evening: I have to be online for a class but I plan to do my posting early and then head off to the “Gaming & Gadgets Petting Zoo”.

Monday, I’ll attend Howard Rheingold‘s keynote. Then I plan to go to:

“Giving Your Marketing and Advocacy a Second Life” with Nancy Dow

“Digital Marketing: Successful Plans/Organizations” with Sarah Houghton-Jan and Aaron Schmidt

“Web Site Assessment With Google Analytics” with Marshall Breeding

“Cool Tools for Library Webmasters” with Frank Cervone and Darlene Fichter

“Mashing Up and Remixing the Library Website” with Karen Coombs

“Facebook & Libraries: Ethnographic Evaluation” with David Bietila, Elizabeth Edwards, and Christopher Bloechl

(Then I plan to head out for Karaoke with the LSW folks!)

Tuesday, I plan to attend:

I may or may not go to the keynote with Danny Sullivan

“Innovation” with Helene Blowers

“2.0 Learning & 1.8 Users: Bridging the Gap” with Rudy Leon and Colleen Harris

“Microformats: Big Ideas in Small Packages” with Jeff Wisniewski

“Solving the OPAC Problem” with John Blyberg and Christopher Barr

“Using RSS, Podcasts, & XML to Deliver Rich-Media Content” with Jason Clark

“Solving the Interest Problem” with Kelly Czarnecki and Cliff Landis

“Solving the Buy-In Problem” OR “Ubiquitous Computing & Libraries” with Michael Porter and Chris Peters

That night I’ll also go to the “Good Internet Librarian Practices Worldwide” thing with the Shanachie Tour guys. WooHoo!


I will DEFINITELY be going to the keynote, “Social Media & Networked Technologies: Research & Insights” with the freaking awesome danah boyd.

“Strategic Framework for Library Automation” with Marshall Breeding

“Twitter & How the “Twittest” Use It for Keeping Up” with Michael Sauers, Christa Burns, Cindi Trainor, and Jezmynne Westcott

“Creating Games & Services With Digital Natives” or the “Pecha Kucha – Conversation Face-Off!”

“Information Visualization Tools” with Darlene Fichter and Jeff Wisniewski

Then I plan to attend the final keynote, “Learning & Play in a Social & Mobile World” with Elizabeth Lane Lawley

After that I must RUN back to the San Jose airport to fly home. I get into Denver at 11:30pm, so I will be dead tired on Thursday (and my introvert will be screaming inside).

However, I think it’s all worth it. This should be a fantastic experience!